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Returning to work after mat leave?

Feeling alone and overwhelmed with all the questions and anxiety? Are you spending your leave worrying about your return to work?

I hear you and I completely understand! That is why I created a course that covers all of these things and more! Tips on meal planning, flexible work, transitioning to childcare and more! This is a safe space to share your worries and your questions.

Why Ready to Return

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Less than one-fifth of women feel confident returning to work after having a baby, according to a survey of 1,008 women

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were not offered any formal support through a returner program.
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were worried about their requests for flexible work being rejected.
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felt so unsupported and isolated upon their return, they considered quitting.

Introducing the Ready to Return Course

Canada’s only online course for Moms Returning to Work From Maternity Leave.

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Here is what you get:

Bonus Materials

Guest Experts

Each round we will have 3 guest experts. Past experts have included a nutritionist, childcare expert and lactation consultant. 

Tools & Templates

Back to work planning tools, exercises and sample schedules.

Resource Lists

Want more? I provide great books, podcasts and blogs to help you feel in control about your return to work.

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kind words from clients

  • “The Return to Work course was extremely valuable to me. Not only was it filled with useful information, but it provided an online community that supports the back to work transition. The format was simple and easy, taking little time from my day. I looked forward to waking up each day to a new discussion topic to focus on. Totally recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with wrapping their head and their heart around leaving baby and going back to work.”

    – Jennifer R.
  • “The course helped me work through my general anxiety about returning. l now have a better sense of what’s ahead and how to cope. So glad I did this course!”

    – Ali D.
  • “This course covered it all! I love that it broke it down piece by piece into easy steps to take to get prepared to return to work. Bonus, there were some good life hacks about personal care (exercise, meal planning, etc.) so it really rounded out everything – not just “ok time to go back to work”. Made all of it seem completely manageable and much less overwhelming.”

    – Lindsay C.
  • “This course provided a great venue to share ideas and fears with other moms that were at a similar stage of their maternity leave.  It was a very welcoming group where all questions and concerns were encouraged and addressed in a very non-judgmental way. I have been referring back to some of the materials as my return to work date gets closer and closer. I would recommend for anyone returning back to work – first maternity leave or otherwise!”

    – Marcia, Senior Professional Practice Leader
  • I just want to say a big thank you for having the Return to Work course!  After taking it and learning about return to work plans, I was able to successfully ask for starting up 3 days a week of work for several weeks and will be moving onto 4 days a week soon for a few weeks before going to 5 days a week. It has also allowed me to transition more successfully back and I feel much more confident both at work and at home.

    – Karen, HR Specialist
  • This course was a great way to address all the back to work issues swirling around in my head! Breaking the content down really helped let it all sink in, and will hopefully prepare me for the real thing.

    – Deena G.

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